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Harrow Invite Rules


-Round Robin Games. Two 20 minute halves for Youth and 22 minute halves for Midgets.  


-3 minute warm up. 1 time out per game for each team.

-Tied game goes into 5 minute 3v3 OT. Followed by 3-man shootout.

-If a team leads by 5 or more goals with 15 minutes or less in the second half, running clock.


-Minor Penalty for Youth 1:30 penalties.

 For u16 and u20: 2 minute penalties.


-NCAA hybrid rules with automatic ice and changes allowed. (No Checking for 2006’s)


-All playoff games 30-minute mini games.



Tie Breakers


  1. Total points
  2. Head to Head (only if 2 teams tied)
  3. Best Goal Differential
  4. Least Penalty Minutes
  5. Coin Flip